Why water?

Life on earth would not be possible for us nor for any other non-human animals or plants, without the access to water. Clean water is one of the most precious things we have on this planet. Of course, everything we consume has an influence on the groundwater. Especially within the cosmetic industry a lot of unsustainable and toxic ingredients are used, adding further contamination to our eco-systems. We believe it is very important for us as a society to change our mindset and develop a more conscious mindset regarding our precious resources. In order to achieve this we need sustainable alternatives on the market!

Whats the main goals of HYDROPHIL?

With HYDROPHIL we would like to promote a responsible and conscious use of the finite resource water. In our shop you can buy water neutral, vegan & fair products and on our blog you will find many interesting and informative articles about water. One of our main goals is therefore, to offer sustainable alternatives and products for the bathroom. Currently another main goal is our international expansion on all European markets.

What does . . . mean?


Our products are made with minimal water consumption, since we use natural ingredients that grow without artificial watering, such as bamboo. Additionally, we only use natural dyes produced without the use of petroleum and chemical additives. The resulting biodegradability means that the products do not leave any traces in our drinking or groundwater.


Through our actions we want to impact our world in a positive way and don‘t harm anyone. That is why our products do not contain any animal products and are not tested on animals.


Fair work deserves a fair wage and this is why all our products are made using fair principles. To ensure that this is the case, we constantly keep an eye on even the smallest details or our entire value-added chain.


Sustainability is very important for us. This is why we take this aspect into account whenever possible within our everyday work. Examples are our logistics system, office management or when looking for new raw materials. Furthermore, we are always improving our current products and looking for more sustainable solutions with regard to raw materials, manufacturing and transport. 

What is TIO about?

The TIO toothbrush is unlike conventional toothbrushes. The origin of all the materials we use are fast-growing plants, which also absorb CO2 from the atmosphere through photosynthesis and convert it into oxygen. 

While our replaceable head is made of cellulose, which is obtained from FSC-certified wood, our toothbrush handle is made of robust polyethylene, based on sugar cane. The bristles of our replaceable heads are made from castor oil, which is a sustainable organic nylon. Furthermore, the material of the brush head is biodegradable (according to EN 13432), which prevents the formation of microplastics.

Why replaceable brush heads?

Reduction and reusing are the most efective ways to save natural resources – that’s why we’ve put all our German engineering power together to develop a durable yet convenient exchange mechanism for 

Simply use the pointed tip on the bottom of the new brush head to eject the used one. This makes you save 70% of waste and lets the environment smile while you get a truly hygienic fresh start as the full top is replaced.

The optimally incorporated gap between head and handle is designed to leave no space for germs. Furthermore, the handle is reusable and due to adding mineral fillers it provides a high grade haptic experience with a ceramic touch.